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Web Store

*Miraculous Magic* ~ COMPLETE Life Healing


This is a powerful healing and life coaching service (if this element is required for support). The magic works quickly and effectively on all levels of your life...emotional, physical, spiritual and mental.

Have you suffered a debilitating life trauma?? Emotional or physical or both?? Are you in pain and really need to get back on track? I have developed a very special service which will help change things around for you and get you back on the path to full healing.

This service is a bit complex. But it is a process that has been used successfully for those with both emotional and physical damage. It’s an amazing investment which can change your life so that you are once again filled with hope, love and health. 

Send pictures and details along with dates of birth to email [email protected] if you or loved ones need pain lifted or a situation prayed for and resolved.  

+353894249254 or +447535172629 are my direct line contacts

The package for healing costs $2,888 and is for the long term best results for your situation. Basically this service rolls on for as long as you may need and offers daily healings and energy boosts for your condition or situation. You live in my pocket for the duration! There is 24/7 email support with this service also. 

The only requirement I have is that my clients surrender fully to the process; following all guidance, recommendations and instructions as they arise. This process is what guarantees the outcome for you. Prepare to suspend judgement and engage with the Mermaid Magic.

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