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*KARMIC KRUNCH* ~ Shift your Life to a Better Place


Need release from a KARMIC KRUNCH?

Are you in a situation where you feel stuck, or conditions remain unfavourable and unresolved?. If so, more than likely you are in a KARMIC RUT which needs an energetic breakthrough and lift. You may well also be suffering from a core soul wound which whatever you do does not heal.

Do your situations and emotional patterns keep playing on a loop and you feel frustrated like there is no way forward? Then THIS service is for you.  This Karmic Krunch service is a bit like boot camp for spiritual warriors (and worriers). It is related but different to my service *DESIRED OUTCOME*, which you may want to book simultaneously. (Usually these two go together for a negotiated price).

This service is based on TRUST and appeals largely to spiritual people who *get* what it is about. But it really is for EVERYBODY, as long as you are open to what may develop and come from what will inevitably be a QUANTUM LEAP in your life and circumstances. The question is do you dare?

Karmic Krunch involves an energetic connection with me for a number of weeks, with interactive emails, healing and consultation throughout the time frame. You must be committed to the ride and committed to YOU and your process throughout this time. Willingness to tune in and listen is crucial and respect for the way energies works also helps. This is a SOULFUL Service and ego must pretty much be parked at the door for it to succeed. Needless to say *stuff* comes up to clear during the process, and I am here to support you throughout the before, during and after the journey..... 

The only requirement I have is that my clients surrender fully to the process; following all guidance, recommendations and instructions as they arise. This process is what guarantees the outcome for you. Prepare to suspend judgement and engage with the Mermaid Magic.

Email [email protected] or phone +353894249254 or +447535172629 after payment is made to arrange details.

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