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*VIP DEAL* ~ For your business deals, consults & professional needs


The Price of this Package is revealed through an email or telephone enquiry only and settled individually depending on client needs and requirements and goals

You can pay the DEPOSIT through the link below ~ $8888

VIP DEALS ~ Includes full days with me (or half days as required)

This is an exclusive opportunity to get one on one consultations with me, and to invest in working with me for a number of months at distance on deals, topics and goals of importance to you.

NB) THE CONSULTATIONS CAN TAKE PLACE ON SKYPE ~ psychicsarah1 or on the phone.


This is a very useful consultation service if you have high end business issues to negotiate, and can be extended for use over time if required.

I have been extensively used by a number of Hollywood Actors and Business Leaders, as well as High Profile Music Moguls and Performers. I also have Professional Sports People amongst my clientele, as well as Professional Writers and TV Personalities.

NB) ACCURATE Sporting Tips are on offer as a bit of fun. BUT essentially this is a serious opportunity to sort out your concerns and to experience amazing, magical healing and guidance from me.

If all expenses are paid, and enough notice given, I am able to meet with you any where in the world or alternatively you can come to my location if you choose to do so.

I have an excellent track record of professionalism and accuracy. You can be assured you will be getting the BEST possible advice and healing opportunity when you avail of this service.

WHATEVER your concerns and field of speciality I can apply my skills and help you.

Discretion is GUARANTEED and I will sign a confidentiality agreement if needs be.

email [email protected] or phone +353894249254 or +447535172629 to arrange details after purchase

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