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Web Store

Comprehensive Email Reading


This email service is for those who can not or do not want to talk on the phone, or who want to have a written record of the information. 

I need several days to complete such a reading as it takes a lot of tuning in and thought to present the information in the correct way. 

Because of this I invite an interchange when the reading is done to clear up any outstanging issues or questions once the email is received. This is done by email or chat exchange, or by a short skype or phone session.  

This email service can project far into your future, so like voice readings it is very comprehensive. It does also make the energy link between us. But sometimes it is indeed good to have a quick phone conversation also (to further set up the energy for the manifestation and connection)  

[email protected]

phone +353894249254 or +447535172629

skype psychicsarah1 

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