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The Price of this Package is by negotiation and is variable depending on your requirements over time. You can pay the deposit through the link below. Then email me [email protected] to discuss a framework of *operations*.

$8888 is the Mermaid Magic which boosts your business and aligns your energy with abundance.

IN some cases this can be modified to be the full price of the package. But for long term work  investments of several payments can be negotiated; depending on your needs and requirements. 

This is a top VIP PREMIUM service for the most disciminating individual who desires the ABSOLUTE BEST psychic advice, readings, and healings with TOP PRIORITY VIP ACCESS to one of the world’s most renowned psychics 24/7.

You can have 12 months of UNLIMITED access to accurate guidance, predictive readings, spiritual advice, astrology, and healings, with a direct phone number to call in at any time you desire, as well as an on going supportive email service. The questions and issues we cover are unrestricted in number and content. You will have the best most accurate, unlimited psychic services at your fingertips anytime you require.

This service is perfect for anyone who demands exclusive service of the highest quality; the best that money can buy. All services are specifically tailored to your needs and schedule.

Business executives and entrepreneurs are guaranteed to find a return on their investment. The psychic and astrological advice offered enhance opportunities and profitability. But these services are of the highest value for non financial circumstances also, for those requiring healing, emotional support and life improvement.

This all inclusive service provides my full range of services in ONE premium package.

IF you are a CEO of a big company you can use this service for immediate consultations about important decisions. If you are a gambler, you can use this service for up to the minute tips. If you have a difficult medical complaint or emotional issue you can avail of this service at any time you need. This service has as many individiual applications as you can think of!

Basically this service allows you to carry me around in your pocket for a long stretch of time. And needless to say the energy connection ensures that you get magical, creative and curious breakthroughs throughout the set time frame and beyond.

This service is an investment in YOU, your company or your on going concerns.

When you have purchased this product email [email protected] for further information

 +353894249254 or +447535172629  

Skype ~  psychicsarah1

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