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Mermaid Magic Manifestation Package ~


Do you want to manifest something AMAZING and MAGICAL in your life in a short space of time?

This AMAZING investment combines many of my specialist services to BOOST your manifestation possibilities in a short space of time.

With these POWERFUL services I can help you fully with the all encompassing assistance of my A1 Spiritual team. This ethical etheric team delivers on a promise; and so do I. So you are GUARANTEED to be in good hands with my accurate guidance and this wonderful energetic support throughout your process.

This heavily discounted package includes your choice of several of these services ~ *Desired Outcome*, *Karmic Krunch*, *Cracking The Cosmic Code*, *Make a Wish*, and the highly popular *In the Blink or Wink of an Eye*.

You can interchange any of the other services which appeal to you.  You will have comprehensive email and phone support throughout the process.

There are FREE healings for situations which may occur as part of the preliminary clearing process or which may have been bothering you for a long stretch of time.  

You can also make requests for loved ones within this package as there is a GIFT TOKEN for an hour long session and healings with me for those connected to you.

Remember that Spirit loves and honours those who are gene5rous to others and will often bring many blessings to the door of those who invest generously and altruistically.

This package is all encompassing and all inclusive, offering support for six months from the time of purchase in ALL the offered TARGET areas. You also receive a powerful healing every time we connect.

The only requirement I have is that my clients surrender fully to the process; following all guidance, recommendations and instructions as they arise. This process is what guarantees the outcome for you. Prepare to suspend judgement and engage with the Mermaid Magic.

[email protected] +353894249254 or +447535172629

skype ~ psychicsarah1 

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