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<3 *TWIN FLAME service* ~ Find your other half! <3


IS it TIME to invest FULLY in LOVE?

So many people are looking for LOVE and to make that special and lasting connection NOW. This wonderful, magical service connects you FULLY to the vibration and energy required to finally reel in and/or keep your special loved one.

Many of us know who our Soul Mates are. But do we recognize our other half? Our Twin Flame?

This is a new concept to many of you I am sure. But as time marches onwards at an increasing pace, and your opportunity for growth and spiritual evolution expands, it is time to get ready for the ride of your life.

Your Twin Flame ~ True Soul Mate ~ awaits. 

Each of us has between 6 to 12 Soul Mates ranging from siblings to spouses to teachers to lovers to friends. Our Soul Mates in this life are the people who support us and whom we are closely connected with. They probably have a lot in common with us and are always there for us, understanding, encouraging and sharing every step of the way.

Our Soul Mates feel familiar to us and this is because more often than not we have had several life times together. In each life time we meet up again and replay our connections, sometimes more successfully than others. We cannot avoid our Soul Mates. Indeed our lives would be pretty empty and meaningless without them. These deep friendships and bonds are what makes life worthwhile. Together we always have the opportunity to transform ourselves and clear the karmas and controversies of previous times.

The purpose of connecting with Soul Mates is to learn, share and grow together. We would find it hard to manage without them. Yet as our spirit develops and changes sometimes we are tested with a letting go process which can be quite difficult and painful. The good news is, these trials and difficulties often pave the way for the real humdinger of a connection – our reconciliation with our Twin Flame.
The only requirement I have is that my clients surrender fully to the process; following all guidance, recommendations and instructions as they arise. This process is what guarantees the outcome for you. Prepare to suspend judgement and engage with the Mermaid Magic.

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