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A New Road Ahead? ~ Transition Package


Are you in transition or facing a major change and decision in your life?  I can support you in your process. Whether you are about to get married, give birth, start a new job, move to another location, part company with a loved one, enforced or chosen. I can offer you energetic support, healing, advice, spiritual guidance and predictions with all these situations. (And many more not mentioned)

This service is tailored to your needs and we can discuss your requirements when you book and set up our best course of action to give you optimum results.  Together over your required time frame (which can of course be variable according to your needs), we can get you back on track, fully functioning and in harmony with your circumstances and surroundings.

For more information on this transition package which can be applied to your love life, your working life, your health (though do check other packages for this) [email protected]

When you have made the payment through the payment button I will contact you promptly and set up your first preliminary appointment time.

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