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Wheels of Life ~ feeling stuck? Get THIS!


Chakra Clearing for POWERFUL results in your life 

A Chakra Clearing and RESET with my technique is guaranteed to bring a huge, quick and dramatic shift in your life. I can not reveal my techniques here, but suffice to say, the results will speak for themselves.

If you do not understand about the Chakras read below for more information. Being in alignment energetically is so fundamentally important to success andflow in your life. do carefully consider this powerful healing if you feel stuck, frustrated, out of sync in ANY way. This healing can have an effect on your finances, love life, career;  indeed  ANYTHING that bothers you or holds you STUCK in one place.

Let me help you FREE up and come unstuck with this one off powerful healing. 

If you feel you want a maintenance chakra boost service email me and we can dicuss that separately. But initially buy this service and we will negotiate the boost element as we connect and work together.  [email protected]


Chakra is a SANSKRIT word meaning ‘Wheel of Life’. Chakras are the energy fields which prime our bodies on many levels. Linking to our Life Force, the Chakras permanently spin, attracting various people, experiences and emotions into our lives. The Chakras hook us up to a myriad of colours, and are the symbolic expression of The Rainbow in our bodies. As above: so below.

Although advanced healers identify as many as twenty four Chakras (sometimes thirty-two!), there are SEVEN main CHAKRAS which serve well as an introduction to the subject.

The FIRST chakra is the ROOT (Red), which is located at the base of the spine; the SECOND is the SACRAL (Orange), which is located midway between the navel and the base of the spine; the THIRD is the SOLAR PLEXUS (Yellow), located behind the navel; the FOURTH is the HEART (Emerald Green) located at the chest; the FIFTH is the THROAT (Light Blue) located at the neck; the SIXTH is the THIRD EYE (Indigo Blue), which rests between the eyes; and the SEVENTH is the CROWN (Purple)which is at the top of the head. In the information below, I have also mentioned the EAR chakras (Violet) which are located just above the eyebrows.

Chakras are light-filled vortexes of energy, which rotate clockwise or anticlockwise. The massage movements for each chakra vary according to the gender of the client. In men the Root, Solar Plexus, Throat and Crown rotate clockwise and the Sacral, Heart and Third Eye rotate anti clockwise. The reverse is true for women.

The different colour vibrations of the Chakras dictate the speed at which these ‘Wheels of Life’ spin. Cool colours like Blue, Green and Purple spin faster than the intense hot colours Red, Orange and Yellow.

Each Chakra has a different function, physically and esoterically (what is unseen). The Chakras tend to be directly linked with a major gland, and co-ordinate the effective functioning of this gland. So if something is playing up with your Thyroid, you might ask yourself, what truth are you swallowing? What IS it that you are afraid to verbalize? Of course there is not always an emotional or mental reason for ill-health. But you would be surprised at how often there can be.

The Higher Chakras of the Crown, Ears, Third Eye and Heart, relate to special abilities like Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. The development of these skills is possible by enhancing the performance of the Chakra to which the skill connects. There are all sorts of sophisticated techniques for opening the Third Eye, for example. And some meditative techniques involve a flexing of the Crown Chakra to quite impressive levels of attunement. Of course not everyone needs to get to the pitch of ability that some psychics and healers achieve. But it IS advisable to take things easy with this subject unless you are under the tutorage of someone who really knows what they are doing. Having said that anyone can choose to develop themselves spiritually and psychically; to do this, you DO need to increase your knowledge of the chakras and their functions.

An understanding of the Chakras can greatly assist your self awareness. The Higher Chakras have a direct link with psychic ability. The Crown regulates Claircognizance; which is when you just ‘know’ something without knowing how you know it. Clairaudience links to what you might ‘hear’; which can be a bit alarming. But it is definitely NOT the same thing as hearing voices! Clairvoyance links to the Third Eye, which links to ‘seeing’ visions, auras, and spirits. Again these phenomena can be a bit disturbing for those who have not yet come to terms with their gift. Finally, Clairsentience links to the Heart Chakra. This is perhaps the most comfortable way of receiving psychic and spiritual information, for it involves a ‘sensing’ of what is or is not the truth. It is also the most common esoteric skill. We all have a good measure of Claisentient (intuitive) ability, if our hearts are open.

Our Chakras are sensitive balls of energy which need to be looked after, for they pick up a fair bit of psychic debris along the way. They need to be cleansed and serviced for optimum health. Many people are now aware of the Chakras and the parts of the body they link to. But not everyone is aware of how to protect and maintain their energetic structure throughout life’s journey


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