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21 Day Turnaround Programme


GET your specified results in 21 Days !  21 Days is a POWERFUL time frame number. Alot can happen in three weeks ~ 21 days. Work with me daily for 21 days using intense energy work, advice, guidance, intuitive tips, life coaching strategy, amongst other magic tricks and techniques which will remain secret and powerful!

This is a commitment from me to you, to help you shape and restructure your life in magical ways over an agreed 21 day time frame. For more information email [email protected]

Together we will set an intention for the 21 day programme and we will get you set up in a healthy, conducive, and well structured direction.

If your concern is to sort your finances, your love life, your life in general, we can work around this. Basially we will seek to meet your requirements and put you on the road to success in this 21 day time frame. 

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