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Web Store

Pain Relief Service


Ease your Pain. This service brings a quick hit on any pain you are experiencing. This can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain. This is a targetted healing service which goes straight to the root of the problem and lifts the pain you are feeling up up and away in super quick time. 

Generally results are pretty instant, though in some persistent cases you could take a couple of days to fully feel the benefits. 

This service is generally a distance healing service, though in some cases I can arrange to meet the person. This is NOT necessary for a powerful result. People do not always believe absent healing is even possible. I assure you that it IS and that I have had some amazing results with it over time.

If possible send a picture, but certainly send your date of birth. You can also purchase this service for a loved one or someone you want to help.

For further information enquire at [email protected]

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