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A Happy Medium ~ Contacting the other side


Finding a Happy Medium ~

Need to contact someone in the big wide yonder?

Do you wish to make contact with a loved one who has passed on? Or are you curious what your ancestors may have to say?

More seriously if you are grieving and suffering the loss of a loved one, then this service can help bring you comfort and healing, providing the information you may need to support you.  

With this service I can help you find peace and reassurance about your loved ones in spirit, and we can see if they have any messages to help you in the here and now.

Please send a photograph if possible of the person you wish to contact. This is not essential, a name or date of birth will also work. Even these are not 100% necessary. I can make the contact regardless: and it will be all you need to hear. 

If you have no one in particular you wish to contact but want to see what *Spirit* may have to say, then this service is for you. These readings are an hour long. 

For more information [email protected]  

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