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Mother & Child


This service is a support for mother & child...............

I can help support you in your role as a mother in all it's phases and stages. If you need support, counsel or someone to look after YOU as you look after everyone else; then this is for you! 

Have you or a loved one just given birth? If so, you can avail of this healing and nurturing support for all the adjustments to come. 

We can work with each other if you are pregnant and need energy support, advice and guidance as you embark upon your journey to motherhood. I can also support the birthing process with healing energy. I am not promising complete pain relief for the birth. But this service can certainly go along way to help you in the throes of labour. 

I can also help you if you are desperately trying to conceive, with advice on the dates and methods that will give you your optimum chance of success. This includes briefing on when and how to proceed if you have been having some difficulties. I can help and support with the IVR process, and other processes which assist conception. I provide healing, support, guidance and advice and can pinpoint the optimum times and approaches that will help you.     

Mother & Child is guaranteed to help your flow in all things connected to your role as mother. It even has an application for adjustments later in life. This support can help as children flee the nest, as grandchildren come along, and with the bereavement and loss of a child also.

Whatever your concerns, physical, emotional, spiritual or cognitive, I can help you on the wonderful journey of motherhood.

There is a sliding scale of costing for this service, depending on your needs. The price quoted below is for the standard pregnancy, conception, birthing and nurturing journey. It covers, support and advice and healing if you are trying to conceive also. 

If you need more comprehensive coverage email [email protected] for further information and we will sort out something specifically for your needs

Please note this service is not a *spell* ~ it is a mixture of life coaching, spiritual support, emotional support, email support, energy work, homework, readings, and it is specifically shaped to the individual who makes the investment. The emphasis of the service depends on your needs and request.


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