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The Wishing Stone


Cast your cares upon the Wishing Stone! 

This service is completely unique as it requires me to work energetically with a very distinctive magical site in Ireland.

This is a very popular service so book early to avoid disappointment. I only take on a specific amount of wishes per week to make the energy really FOCUSED for the client.

The Wishing Stone on Killiney Hill is famous locally. To make a wish, you have to walk anti-clockwise around the pyarmid from bottom to top using the intermediary steps to progress up to the next level. The stones came from nearby Dalkey Quarry and they are graduated, with a small stone on top big enough for one person to stand on. You are supposed to walk around each level, progressing to the top, then stepping onto the last stone and making a wish!

Appropriately close to *The Witch's Hat*, the energy of The Wishing Stone pyramid is powerful. I do not actually have to do the walk around the stone to connect with the energies. I know the area so well, that the connection is just naturally there for me.  

I work as guided for you and your request is sent out to the ethers yielding powerful results. 

Cast your cares upon this stone and allow me to work to heal and transform your situation. This service requires a very directed and focused wish. I have to be paid PER WISH as quite a bit of work is involved with each request. You can make a wish on behalf of loved ones also. 

For further information email me @ [email protected]

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