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The Druid's Chair


The Druid's Chair ~ Is a magical power point in co Dublin. 

The Druid's Chair inspires a very secret and personal service which will set you up for intense magical connections and marvellous breakthroughs.

If you want me to *set the scene* and amplify a precious LIFE request at the Druid's Chair then this service is for you.

The energy of this chair has been used for such lofty purposes for centuries. The energy is high octane and potent, so it really is a case of be careful what you ask for.

This energy works really well when you are asking on behalf of someone for healing or breakthrough. But it also works well for YOU if your intentions are pure of heart. 

It is OKAY to ask for things for YOU!!

The Druid's Chair is hidden up secret wood paths and not many find it or know it is there. You have to be *in the know to know* for it is unlikley a casual visitor will find it. There is even a *public* and *red herring* Druid's Chair which usually satisfies those looking for it based on rumour. But it is not the real thing; nor even better than the real thing.

The Druid's Chair works well in tandem with The Wishing Stone. We set your wish at the Wishing Stone and then The Druids Chair adds layers and dimensions and the details of the picture. Both services work well separately also. The Wishing Stone wish is for SPECIFIC wishes and the chair is for setting a secure container for your BEST enlightened, fey and magickal outcomes. There is a negotiable two in one deal if you are choosing both.

There is also a TRIPLE whammy deal if you also add your Magic Numbers service! This is well advised especially if your concerns are financial or linked to business boosts.

I know the energy of the area so well having lived there for years, that it is easy for me to connect on the ethers to these places and do very powerful work for you.

email [email protected] for information on the combo deals

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