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Wishing Stone & Druid's Chair Combo


A Powerful combo service ~ The Wishing Stone & The Druid's Chair

(The services here combined are greatly reduced than if you were to buy them individually) 

THE WISHING STONE ~ Cast your cares upon the Wishing Stone! This service is completely unique as it requires me to work directly with a very distinctive magical site in Ireland.

 The Wishing Stone on Killiney Hill is famous locally. To make a wish, you have to walk anti-clockwise around the pyarmid from bottom to top using the intermediary steps to progress up to the next level. The stones came from nearby Dalkey Quarry and they are graduated, with a small stone on top big enough for one person to stand on. You are supposed to walk around each level, progressing to the top, then stepping onto the last stone and making a wish!

Appropriately close to *The Witch's Hat*, the energy of The Wishing Stone pyramid is powerful. I do not actually have to do the walk around the stone to connect with the energies. Sometimes I do sometimes I do not. But I work as guided for you and your request is sent out to the ethers yielding powerful results.

I know the energy of the area so well having lived there for years, that it is easy for me to connect on the ethers to these places and do very powerful work for you.

THE DRUIDS CHAIR ~ Is a magical power point.

The Druid's Chair inspires a very secret and personal service which will set you up for intense magical connections and marvellous breakthroughs. If you want me to *set the scene* and amplify a precious LIFE request at the Druid's Chair then this service is for you. The energy of this chair has been used for such lofty purposes for centuries. The energy is high octane and potent, so it really is a case of be careful what you ask for. This energy works really well when you are asking on behalf of someone for healing or breakthrough. But it also works well for YOU if your intentions are pure of heart. 

The Druid's Chair is hidden up secret wood paths and not many find it or know it is there. You have to be *in the know to know* for it is unlikley a casual visitor will find it. There is even a *public* and *red herring* Druid's Chair which usually satisfies those looking for it based on rumour. But it is not the real thing; nor even better than the real thing.

The Druid's Chair works well in tandem with The Wishing Stone for spectacular results. We set your wish at the Wishing Stone and then The Druids Chair adds layers and dimensions and the details of the picture. Both services work well separately also. The Wishing Stone wish is for SPECIFIC wishes and the chair is for setting a secure container for your BEST enlightened, fey and magickal outcomes.

There is a negotiable three in one deal if you are choosing these with the magic numbers service email [email protected] for information on the combo deal

Please note this service is not a *spell* ~ it is a mixture of life coaching, spiritual support, emotional support, email support, energy work, homework, readings, and it is specifically shaped to the individual who makes the investment. The emphasis of the service depends on your needs and request.


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