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Dolphin Depression Antedote


Are you Depressed? I can offer you REAL help and excellent results with this service. I have a great record of clearing depression in clients. Sometimes quite long standing and deep depressions. So if you are in ANY way blue, or down, or melacholic or, God forbid, suicidal, please DO avail of this healing energy.  

I can help you quickly, effectively and powerfully by tuning into the power of the Dolphins. Dolphins have long been recognised as great healers of depression. Their light playful energy lifts the spirits, and brings an air of peace, comfort and reassurance. 

With Dolphin energy as well as some of my other healing techniques, I can put you well on the road to a full recovery. May the dark scourge of depression be

forever banished from your life 

For further information email [email protected] 

Phone 00353894249254 after booking for further help

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