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!Root it Out! (Let me pull you out of the rut)


!!!Root it Out!!! ~ Let me pull you out of the rut... 

Are you stuck in a situation, relationship or place that is just so obviously not good for you? You have tried to move on but time and time again, the old *thing* keeps a tight grip on you? This service will FREE you from whatever or whoever it is that just will not let go.

If you have tried in so many different ways to find a way through the tunnel, or even to improve your situation rather than leave it, but absolutely NOTHING is working? Then I can definitely help. Sometimes we just have to *cut the head off the snake* in life. But not many know that a snake's head can keep moving once severed from its body. This is a difficult energetic concept to grasp. But sometimes you just GOTTA cut loose and Ruuuuuuun!!!

Yes it is admirable to work with people and places and concepts and give what you have committed to your best shot. But the reality is, some things are just NOT going to cut it however hard you try. Some people, places amd situations are just NOT GOOD FOR YOU, however much you try to justify their presence. There can be many complex karmic, astrological and past times reasons for this. We do not necessarily need to understand exactly what these are in the detail; but we definitely DO need to DO something about them, when all else fails.

Getting to this point of recognition can take quite some time. More often than not we have invested heavily emotionally, financially or otherwise in our *bind*. It is not easy to admit to ourselves that we may have been misguided; or that the time has come to cut ties.

If you are genuinely at the point when you have realised that your best option is to move onto pastures new; well then this ROOT IT OUT service is just what you need. Allow me to help you. It may not be gentle. It may not be pretty. But it WILL be right and effective.

If you are reading this and it resonates; then it is TIME to release the what, the who or the where that has been holding you back.

NB) Our work may also involve an astrological analysis on your BEST place for OPTIMUM success. People are not always aware that WHERE they live can play a HUGE role in their unfolding destiny. eg) If your location is wrong and you would do better on the east coast rather than the west; or on another continent entirely, an analysis of your astrological chart can be really helpful. Equally the Feng Shui of the property you live in can be all kinds of wrong. Part of this service is to assess where you have landed geographcially. We can ascertain do you need to move or not as part of this *leaving it all behind* process.

For further information email [email protected]

+ 353894249254 

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