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Karmic Justice & Balance Service


Has someone been mean, judgemental, bullying, ,defamatory or intimidating recently? Then do consider my service which will bring peace and karmic balance to the proceedings.

This is not a retribution service, it is work done with love and compassion. But there is certainly a sense of justice to it. It is not a case that the perpetrators will *get theirs*. BUT it is a case you will be released from their projections, barbs, ill-will and targetted BS. This is more a case of return to sender ... but with LOVE, pixie bells and sparkle dust....

Find this cleansing, peaceful option for your life here.

Now I know you may not wish the source of your persecutions every blessing in the world, and it can be painful to be the *victim* of such behaviour in others. The point is .. do not BE the victim.

Reclaim your power with this service, and allow G-d and the universe to sort things out. This service helps to to forgive and forget and release ill will once and for all, with the assurance that the person or people involved will have to deal with a balancing of the negative energies they projected in your direction.

NB) this is not a spell. It is a blessing, a protection and a cleansing service. Most importantly it is a karmic justice service.

*Do as you would be done by* is the bottom line way to function best in this world. So engage with this work with a clear conscience and your best intentions to do

right by yourself and others.

This might seem to be a strange way of taking responsibility for what was done TO you. But it is better to do something like this than to fester and stew in the juices of someone else's agenda or issues. Claim your freedom now ~

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