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Magic Mermaid Holiday Tree Blessings for 2023


Mermaid Minkly Magical Blessings Tree 2023

Have a MAGIC Twinkly Minkly Mermaid Holiday Season.

Every Holiday Season I open up my Magic Tree -

You are invited to have your wishes, requests, prayers &  "Manifestations" hidden in The Tree.  

I am also taking orders for The New Year 2023

What do you wish for and desire for 2023? 

 #Halloween #AllSaintsday #thanksgiving #advent #christmas #hanukkah #newyear2023

Have a MAGIC Twinkly MInkly Mermaid holiday season.

You are all invited to have your wishes, requests, prayers and gifts under this tree.

Request your holiday blessings and 2023 wishes

from the magical tree.

What do you most desire at this time?

And for 2023?

This year more than ever we need to make it count.

 ** I can do deals on multiple elements

One year in The Barn The Magic Tree stayed alive until the end of June -Yes really!

  You are welcome to leave World Wide Wishes for a small donation through the donation link on the home page

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