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Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell were stunned into silence when she predicted the FULL line up of Irish Popstars band SIX

on Irish Popstars, before they had even decided themselves. Louis then 'named' her 

"The woman who knows everything." 

Sarah repeatedly subjected herself to public scrutiny in her work. She has shown no fear in being tested under stringent conditions, such is the efficacy of her Gift. Her skills have been recorded and demonstrated in variable ways in print, on radio, and on TV. In 2001 she was one of the first intuitives in the world to openly prove her skills on camera. Her predictions for Simon and Louis were filmed under stringent conditions, and not even the cameraman or producer saw the contents of the envelope. 

The naming of the six was recorded privately by Sarah a few feet away. 

The sealed envelope was then opened on camera months later by Louis revealing her to be 100% correct. 

Sarah has written daily, weekly, and monthly for prominent publications, and has made many appearances on radio and TV in Ireland, USA and Europe. She was propelled to fame by having her accuracy broadcast regularly on camera, radio, and in print.

In Ireland the media would call on Sarah when they want a projected, and informed prediction 

on a matter of import, whether it related to sport, pop culture, politics, or international events. 

Sarah has been publicly recognised as an effective healer, and she helped Paul O' Connell's with his serious shoulder injury a few years back, after a particularly brutal game with France. This assistance was made public in a blog by his team mate, and he was merrily teased about allowing a strange woman to address his ailments. What in reality happened was that since all the usual avenues had been explored, the team DR gave Sarah permission to tackle his complex and persistent AC injury, in the hope that he would pass the team medical in time for a crucial match: he DID. Sarah also unofficially, gave accurate tips and advice on games to the coaches and various players during The Golden Age of Irish Rugby, when the team won the Six Nations under Brian O' Driscoll

Skilled with animals and humans alike, Sarah is recognised for her high degree of accuracy and strong empathy. 

Her approach is dynamic and profound. Do not expect a fey, woo hoo, overly soft approach. 

Sarah is assertive, strong and powerful as she encourages you to embrace your best self and your best options.

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