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Sarah Delamere Hurding

Sarah's Star Signs provides an enlightening sweeping survey of global astrology & cosmic truths. Sarah presents an eclectic mix of disciplines & esoteric wisdom in an intriguing way. Star Signs is designed to help & guide you in your daily life. All the information is practical & relevant. Sarah makes ancient knowledge relatable to modern life, & encourages an awareness of spiritual magic to inspire & transform your existence. Enjoy this integration of astrological, angelic & esoteric perspectives. Sarah gathers all-encompassing information, which will add colour to your life, & give you practical reference points, ensuring you get the best results with your relationships, career, health, finances, & all those golden opportunities coming your way.

 Sarah is author of Starscope, Dear Sarah, & Mermaid In The Kitchen. 

One of Ireland's best known & loved mystics, Sarah is a recognised seer, healer, & life coach. She is a regularly published writer in Ireland, Europe & the USA. Her work in the metaphysical & spiritual community is respected worldwide 

Sarah's Star Signs

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